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Get-together with like-minded musicians or get your band together for a fun filled session at our state of the art Jamming rooms. Create your own mix or play covers of existing songs – whatever is your preference, we have the ideal space for you. Soundproof rooms, cozy & comfortable space, equipped with the latest musical gear.

Are you a composer and want to record a song? Or a band that wants to record its first song or album? Or someone who just wants to do everything yourself?

We have a solution for all the above - with a state of the art recording studio, backed by professional sound engineers at value for money deals, without compromising on quality delivered.

We have a customized approach for every artist and every sound recording project based on the needs for each individual project. Our policy is and will always be “Customer First”.

Our experienced sound engineers will always work with you at no extra cost! With hourly and affordable rates, we ensure your project will stay on track and on budget. After all, your talent deserves the best, without pinching your pocket.

Yes! We also do provide the option of you renting our facilities, if you are a Do-It-Yourself person.

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