Thomsun Play Automation Solutions Division

Automation is the future and humans will be mostly using smart voice assistants or gestures to get things done in their home or office. Home automation enables the electronic devices and appliances in your home to do the daily tasks more efficiently on time and thus saving energy. You might not even have to use an app or a voice assistant today; the devices can learn your behaviors and work together to provide with a comfortable and efficient experience. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is the future of smart devices, where the devices communicate to each other and perform all kinds of tasks without human support to make our life easier & better.

We do all kinds of Lighting Automation, Appliance Control Automation, Air Conditioning Automation, Climate Control Automation, Curtain Automation, IR Systems, Security, Fans, water heaters, electrical appliances, Dimmable lighting, Switchable lighting systems, Intelligent room temperature regulation devices, Wireless Curtain Control Systems, Integrated Control for IR devices, Intruder detection, intrusion prevention systems, motion sensors, door sensors, Smart Thermostat, Google Home Automation, Amazon Alexa Home Automation, Home Monitoring, Voice Assistant, Smart Camera, Smart Lights, Smart Door Lock, AC Control, Shutter Control, Curtain Control, Lighting Control, Philips Hue, Audio Video Control, Home automation Dubai, home automation sharjah, home automation uae, best home automation company in Dubai, automation company sharjah, best home automation in uae, Lighting control systems, Door Communication, Video Intercom, alarm systems, temperature control, blind control, guest room management, TV Backlights, LED Accent Lighting, Google Next Hub.