Thomsun Play Cabling Solutions Division

Cables and connectors play an equal role like the equipments in use. A bad connection can ruin the entire system and can be hectic task to reinstall. Using the correct cables certified for the purpose will be an efficient and reliable choice in the long run. We have a broad range of cables & connector products certified for outdoor, indoor & fire rated. From instrument, guitar, microphones and loudspeaker cables to multi core systems and adaptors to DMX, midi, cat6 and digital audio cables.

We represent some of the top cable and connector brands in the region such as cordial, Schneider, havells, legrand, apc, beldon, neutrik, belkin, monster cables, klotz, Thomson, roxton, tovaste, buy audio cables in Dubai, buy cables in Dubai, connectors in Dubai, audio cable Dubai, audio cable Saudi Arabia, audio cable Qatar, audio cable oman, cables Saudi Arabia, cables oman, cables oman, speaker cable Dubai, speaker cable uae, speaker cable Saudi Arabia, speaker cable Qatar, loudspeaker cable Dubai.